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Moonwave PowerPack




saildrivecombined with the powerful battery pack will provide between 30 min and several hours of motoring in total silence before the soundproofed generator kicks in. Only the sound of water flowing down the hull will be heard. This enhances your boating experience by being able to take in all of what nature provides around you, and to create almost zero noise pollution to fellow boaters.


joystick-dockingallows even novice skippers to park the boat in tight spaces. This is made possible by rotating sail drives and does not require bow- or stern-thrusters. You can even control your boat from a smart phone touch screen.


control headcharges the battery by spinning the propellers and using the motors as generators. By rotating the propellers 180 degrees, the propellers face forward and become much more efficient compared to dragging them through the water in their original position. With minimal speed loss, two hours sailing can give enough energy to motor for one hour.
In keeping with green technology and environmental considerations, fuel consumption is reduced to a minimum and only used by the generator.


range-extenderWhen sailing is not an option due to lack of wind, the range extender will provide energy to the propulsion and house system. Depending on diesel tank size, it can run for several days — plenty of time to run from weather or find wind! In fact, it works just like a plug-in hybrid car. In most cases, regeneration and solar as well as shore power will provide 100% of the power needed, and the diesel-powered range extender will act as the safety net when demands exceed supply. It runs much quieter than a traditional diesel motor and requires much less maintenance than the typical dual-engine setup with added generator.


catamaran batteryaboard: Now that there is enough energy stored on board in the house bank, it can be used for all appliances including air conditioning and electrical hob, so there is no need to have a propane aboard for cooking. This brings the fuel mix on board down to just diesel, especially if you use an electric motor for your tender. This too can be charged from the house bank.


solar-panelwill provide between 3-5 KW of electrical power while at anchor. Unlike traditional designs, our solar system can charge both the propulsion batteries as well as provide for the 24V house system. On a sunny day, it can power most of your appliances and even air conditioning without the use of the generator.



From all of the saving of fuel and designing systems to using renewable energy, this gives you the luxury of independence and self-sufficiency, dramatically increasing cruising range. There is also no need for lengthy marina stays. The systems on board are kept simpler for self-management and repair. 
All of this has been designed with the latest technology, with German based engineers in a well-funded, well structured, and established company.

The weight is comparable or less to a traditional 2-engine, one genset installation. The components are waterproof and liquid cooled and manufactured to the highest standards. There is no compromise on the range, speed and safety of the vessel. The propulsion battery comes with a 5-year warranty and will last thousands of charging cycles. Field service is provided remotely via the Internet, or via field service technicians.

How it works

Moonwave PowerPack

When the Moonwave PowerPack is installed on a vessel, the sail drives are electric and can rotate 360 degrees. These drives can vary in size from 20KW to 50KW. Each drive has a motor controller, which is connected to the battery bank.

The propulsion battery bank on board is comparable in size and capacity to the batteries used in modern electric cars, such as Plug-In hybrids. It is waterproof and built to last, yet lightweight and powerful. The batteries can be charged through solar, regeneration, generator and shore power.

Also connected to the battery bank is a soundproofed diesel generator, which can be used as a range extender to top up the power in the battery bank. This super-quiet diesel is the only combustion engine on the entire vessel!

Moonwave PowerPack also provides 24V / 3KW house service as well as 230V or 120V AC / 3x7KW for appliances. This simplifies the electrical system aboard significantly.

A central controller manages the different energy flows and the power in the battery bank. Up to four control heads on board are connected to the controller. They have dual engine throttles and a touch screen, allowing intuitive use of the system. The system can also be controlled wirelessly through your smart phone.

Technical specifications

VESSEL TYPESSailing / Cruising catamarans 40…70ft
ELECTRIC PROPULSIONRotating or Fixed Sail Drives up to 30KW and Shaft Drives up to 50KW per hull
REGENERATION2 hours of sailing = 1 hour of motoring
BATTERY CAPACITY350V DC, 26KWh, 39KWh or 52KWh, 2-4 hours of motoring on batteries only
SHORE POWER200V…250V, 32A, worldwide service 45…65Hz
GENERATORNone, 1 or 2 @ 22KW, 1 or 2 @50KW, soundproofed
SOLAR OPTIONUp to 5KW, shading proof design, charges HV Battery direct
HOUSE SERVICE DC24V 5.6KW (add AGM house battery > 150AH
HOUSE SERVICE AC230V 50Hz 3x7KW, Option: addl. 115V AC 60Hz or 230V 50Hz 1…4KW
CONTROL HEADS1…4 per vessel, dual levers, touch screen, waterproof
WEIGHTTypical install ca. 1,300KG*

*Compare weight to the following conventional setup: 2 x 75PS diesel engines with accessories, 8KW generator, 2 bow thrusters, 2 stern thrusters, 2 x 5KW inverters, shore power charger, isolation transformer, 24V DC and AC service panels

Please feel free to download our Moonwave PowerPack data sheet.


Propulsion Versions

  • Moonwave PowerPack with Joystick docking, up to 30KW per hull
  • Same with fixed sail drives, no joystick docking but all of the other advantages, up to 30KW per hull
  • Same but with shaft drives, up to 50KW per hull

Battery Versions

  • 26 KWh usable capacity
  • 39 KWh usable capacity
  • 52 KWh usable capacity

Genset Versions

  • No Genset
  • 1x or 2 x 22 KW
  • 1 x or 2 x 50 KW


Moonwave PowerPack can be installed in new builds or retro-fitted to existing vessels.
It is currently limited to sailing catamarans in the 40 – 70 ft range. Future versions will support monohulls.

If you are a boat builder interested in offering hybrid propulsion without the headaches of a custom system,
we will work with you to guarantee success and customer satisfaction.

If you are an interested boat buyer, we can work with your boat builder to design the system into your new boat.

Please contact us for more information.