Moonwave PowerPack is the most advanced hybrid propulsion system for sailing catamarans,

providing the ultimate in green technology for a luxury boating experience.

Moonwave PowerPack


Enjoy air conditioning at night without generator noise. Motoring will be virtually silent with only the sound of water flow. You’ll have an abundance of electricity to power all appliances and gadgets. No engine room needed – more interior space in the cabins.


No engine noise and pollution. Silent motoring. Everything onboard is powered by renewable energy from the wind and sun. If needed, our super-quiet generator will run less than one hour to power the vessel for an entire day from batteries alone.


With joystick docking, shorthanded sailing will become much easier. You can even dock with an application on your smart phone! Only one type of fuel is needed – and less of it. Only one diesel engine requires occasional maintenance.


You will be able to generate all your energy needs from the wind and sun. As a result you will be independent from shore power, eliminating the need to go to marinas. With the added benefit of a range extender, you will be able to cruise faster and further.


catamaran sailboats

Electric propulsion

Moonwave Power Pack is the most advanced hybrid propulsion system for sail boats. It is the conclusion of years of development across several continents by some of the world’s leading electrical engineers in the marine industry. The system is whisper quiet and environmentally friendly yet increases luxury aboard, and makes maneuvering and docking much easier.

The system uses the clean and quiet energy of electricity to power everything on a boat. It provides boat owners with unprecedented luxury, independence and simplicity. At the helm station is a joystick and touch screen control from which docking can be done effortlessly and the vessel can move in all directions.

Onboard electricity

As the Moonwave PowerPack provides electricity for all appliances, the vessel no longer carries propane and charcoal on board, bringing an extra level of safety and cleanliness. The vessel can even use its electrical power to charge a tender, so no need for gasoline on board either.

Despite beeing “green”, Moonwave PowerPack makes no compromises on range, speed and safety. There is reduced, automotive-style maintenance and the system has the capability of regeneration while sailing.

The system can be designed into new vessels, or can be retrofitted into existing vessels. As the system is modular it can be installed with a variety of options best suited to the particular vessel and owners requirements.

About Us

Moonwave PowerPack is German engineering.
We are a well established company of like-minded sailors, engineers
and technicians dedicated to producing a functional, clean and green
luxury product. Incorporating our individual talents to bring this
electric propulsion system into the future.


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